Our Core Values

Our Core Values


  • In expressing that our core values are biblical, we are not claiming that other approaches are unbiblical. Instead, our desire is to ensure that the scripture is the determining factor in every area of our church’s structure and practices. 

Biblical Preaching and Teaching 

  • Since, we believe that the primary authority of the church and the believer is the word of God we are committed to preaching verse-by-verse through books of the Bible during our weekly worship gathering. Though we are convinced that this is the best way to ensure the word of God stays central in all the church’s structure and practice, there will be occasions when it is necessary to address specific topics or themes. Even in these moments, the elder preaching would be committed to presenting God’s word in an expositional manner. Likewise, during any other time members of church are gathered for the teaching of God’s Word we are committed to maintaining true Biblical teaching as our focus. This prevents anything else to become what shapes our understanding of God and our relationship with Him. 

Biblical Structure 

  • Biblical structure consists of three areas within the church. First, the church is Elder-Led, which means that the church is led in all of its practices by multiple qualified men that the church has affirmed as elders. Secondly, the church is deacons supported, which means that the deacons help ensure that the church and its members are being served well. This allows the elders to focus upon the spiritual needs of the congregation. Third, the church affirms qualified elders and deacons that are set aside for the building up of the church. This ensures that the overall direction of the church is supported by the members of the congregation. 

Biblical Worship 

  • It is evident in Scripture that God is to be worshiped, but it is also specific in how He is to be worshiped. This occurs on three levels: personal, family, and corporate worship. First, personal worship is simply to glorify God in everything that one does. Second, family worship is individual families worshiping God together in their home. Third, corporate worship is the commitment to prayer, reading of Scripture, preaching, songs, communion, and baptism during the weekly worship gathering. 

Biblical Community 

  • Biblical community consists of believers committing to live in fellowship with one another, with the Gospel as their primary motivation. Since this is the primary commonality of the fellowship, church members should commit to serving, forgiving, encouraging, instructing, teaching, and praying with one another regardless of any superficial differences. Which means that the relationships that make up this community goes beyond any social, racial, economical, or generational barriers. This type of community is a picture of Christ’s ministry of reconciliation, amidst such a divided world, to those that are in need of being reconciled to God. 

Biblical Mission 

  • Biblical Mission consists of three primary functions of the church and believers: evangelism, discipleship, and mercy ministries. Evangelism is the proclamation of the Gospel to unbelievers. Discipleship is committing to come along side other believers to ensure they are being prepared for the work of ministry while resting in Christ. Mercy ministries seek to meet the needs of those in our community and all over the world, with the hope that their hearts would be softened to receive the Gospel. Though some may be more gifted in one area or another, it is the call of every believer to commit to these three forms of service.